About Us

Mission Statement:

At Definitive Construction we believe in building long term relationships with customers, suppliers, and communities by upholding our core values of performance, quality, and service.  We strive to create a safe and responsible work environment to ensure the health and well being of our employees and customers is long lasting and strong.  The integrity we demonstrate is without words; as your happiness and overall satisfaction are the driving forces behind our company’s goals and success.

Our Company:

Definitive Construction has the edge on today’s competition.  We have a team comprised of people that value professionalism, quality, and performance above all else.  We have built a company based on the idea that the customer should arrive at the finished product recognizing that we have gone above and beyond the competition.  Every customer shall receive the same integrity and respect regardless of the size and scope of a project.  We strive to be the best of our kind everyday and in all of our work.  Give us a call today to experience the Definitive Construction way.